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Fine art print of original synesthesia painting, titled "23-C1.2: Coldest Beer In Town" by Natalie Rafeedie. 


2: Coldest Beer in Town
Synesthesia Series
inspired by: Ashley McBryde ‘The Devil I Know’
2 of 11

My synesthetic experience listening to Ashley McBryde’s album ‘The Devil I Know’ was a multisensory explosion where my senses intertwined into beautiful symphonies of colors, flashes of lights, patterns, emotions, & landscapes.

In my studio, surrounded by the melodies of the second track “Coldest Beer in Town”, I dove into a canvas of vibrant greens and blues merging into dynamic cells, interwoven with gold and strands of bold red. It represents the song’s refreshing and invigorating vibe, creating a lively and textured visual display.

The music guides my brush, conjuring a painting that captures the essence of the song’s energy and rhythm. Each note finds its visual counterpart, creating a mesmerizing dance of colors and emotions.


  • 12"x16" includes white border 
  • Premium fine art archival quality paper
  • Securely packaged in clear plastic sleeve with white matte backerboard 
  • Hand signed and titled by Natalie
  • Meticulously crafted in Tennessee, USA
  • Please note: Price is in US Dollars (USD)

PRINT: coldest beer in town

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